Campus Support

SJSF had initially planned to conduct a survey of the WPI community to gauge our support for this cause. To our surprise, the question was asked in the recent WPI Sustainability Planning survey that reached about 150 respondents.

The survey asked respondents to rank the importance of various goals in 4 subdivisions of focus. Under the Community section, these four goals were offered:

A) Leverage the major strengths of our global project centers to increase their visibility and financial support, enhancing their effectiveness

B) Expand some of our global project centers into centers for faculty research and undergraduate MQPs as well as for IQPs

C) Endow the Great Problems Seminars to help assure the continuation of their great educational value

D) The impact on the three aspects of sustainability (environmental stewardship, economic security, social justice) will be considered in WPI’s endowment investment decisions.

Choice D, sustainability reflected in our endowment investments, received the most support, with 35% citing it as the most important action!* We are so happy to see support for divestment, especially coming from a group that had no interest in confirming this result.

Some time after the conducting of this survey, we now have 250 signers of our petition, and the numbers are still rising!

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